In search of the Perfect Burger

chefhuda July 18, 2011 0

The Burger, A staple in American culture.

The Burger is so much more than an array of images on a fast food commercial. The Burger when done properly holds memories of time spent with family and friends at summer cookouts or at quick lunches. The perfect marriage of tender, juicy, flavorful meat and a soft buttery bun that stands up to the task of hanging in there until the last bite, for better or worse.

Since February 2010, I have been in search of the perfect burger. Throughout my journey I have traveled near and far. I have experienced a juicy burger that made me want to throw away the bun to an overcooked and under-seasoned burger with a buttery, lightly toasted and perfectly rationed bun that made me want to throw away the burger.  In all of my encounters the burger divorced the bun or vice versa.  I have yet to enjoy the two become one on my plate to create a burger experience that can only be described as the perfect marriage.

My definition of perfection is a burger so undeniably good that condiments and toppings are an afterthought, and thus need not apply.In my quest for the “Perfect Burger Experience” I need your help. I want to know all about your favorite burger place and what makes it a burger experience worth having.

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