Chef Huda’s Black Bean and Corn Salad

Photo and Recipe By: Chef Huda This is the perfect summer dish! This is a healthier alternative to the heavy macaroni or potato salad? My Black Bean and Corn Salad Deliciously Easy to make ahead of time or right before serving. Enjoy! What You Need 2 cups black beans – if canned, rinse and drain…

Chef Huda’s Creamy Crab Mac & Cheese

Whether you are the Mac and Cheese monarch of your household or still looking for the perfect introduction to making the perfect Mac and Cheese. This Creamy Crab Mac and Cheese is an undeniably delicious combination of delicate lump crab, sweet corn and juicy cherry tomatoes wrapped in velvety white cheddar sauce. This dish is a balanced marriage of flavors and a healthier alternative to the traditional Mac and cheese dishes of the past.